Total Philippines, local affiliate of the French integrated oil and gas company, introduced their Excellium premium diesel grade last April 20. The new addition to the Excellium line comes almost a year after they launched their Excellium 95+ RON unleaded gasoline in July 2014.

gas_boyThe Excellium line of proprietary fuel grades features both unleaded gasoline and diesel products, and was introduced in Europe almost a decade ago. The Excellium products introduced in the Philippines thus far are already of the newest generation with additives that have already evolved further since the line was introduced.

As with their Excellium 95+ RON premium unleaded gasoline, this new Excellium diesel features proprietary additives that Total asserts would bring similar engine protection, lowered emissions and fuel economy benefits to diesel engines.

Engine protection is attributed mainly to detergent additives–molecular scrubbers that clean as the fuel is consumed by the engine. While particulate matter and waste deposits invariably build up in engines over time, Total asserts that its Excellium diesel could dissolve these, effectively sweeping these away and burning them off with the combusted fuel. And, with such abrasives effectively swept off the surfaces of the engine’s moving parts, Excellium would reduce friction and minimize wear and tear on the engine’s workings.

Lowered emissions is the result of more complete combustion of the fuel, in some ways because of the detergent additive’s cleanup, and by other means induced with fuller fuel burn. With a more complete burn, there will be less of diesel’s trademark particulate matter, thus keeping the engine cleaner and continuing the cycle kicked off by Excellium’s scrubbing agent.

excelliumThe fuel economy benefit is really the bottom-line result of the engine-cleaning and cleaner burning Excellium diesel. By cleaning off foreign matter, there’re less impurities that could smother combustion. And by causing the fuel to burn more cleanly and thus more completely, the new premium diesel’s formulation is intended to yield as much energy as possible from each drop of fuel.

Total’s introductory literature is silent on the measured benefits of Excellium premium diesel, likely because of pending tests as well as the company’s insistence on reporting the results of local testing, and not of any tests done in other countries. In any case, it could be that Total is hoping to make diesel burns efficient and clean enough to reduce carbon monoxide and other toxic emissions by 10% in new cars and 25% in cars that are over five years old … these measurements having been made on the premium unleaded Excellium they introduced last year.

And, judging by the products in the global Excellium line, this may not be the one and only premium diesel fuel that they will be introducing. In Total’s European markets, they also offer a separate Excellium truck diesel, a formulation specifically for heavy trucks and buses. Though, with such a product being suited to fleet consumption, the likelihood of its eventual introduction here also depends greatly on Total’s network of filling stations and how these straddle road arteries.

For now, the one Excellium premium diesel grade for the local market is available at the following Luzon and Visayas stations:


  • Valenzuela
  • Fairview
  • Balintawak
  • Zabarte, Quezon City
  • Greenhills
  • Shaw Boulevard
  • Makati
  • EDSA-Pasay
  • Merville
  • West Service Road SLEX
  • Sucat 2
  • Alabang
  • Las Pinas
Norther Luzon

  • San Fernando
  • Tarlac
  • Tuguegarao
  • Solana, Cagayan
  • Clark, Pampanga
  • Camp 7, Baguio City


  • Plaridel, Cebu



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