The results are in for the Caltex Fuel Your School (FYS) program (see the related story: Caltex’s “Fuel Your School” campaign engages public for public school donations). Chevron, the company behind the Caltex brand of petroleum products and filling stations, had committed to raise P5M by donating P1 for every four liters of fuel sold by its 153 outlets in Metro Manila, Rizal and Cavite from June 15 to July 15. This, to fund as many as 33 projects to bolster the STEM (science, technology, engineering and match) classroom resources of deserving public senior high schools in the metropolis, and with the help of the American Chamber Foundation (AmChaf). The P5M target was reached on July 9, with almost a week to spare—20 million liters of Caltex fuel had been sold, each one triggering a quarter peso donation from Chevron.IMG20150826105014A global initiative by Chevron, this recent campaign was the first one held in the Philippines and was also the first one focused on an entire capital city. Past campaigns in other countries were done for neighbourhoods and towns, never for an entire city, not for a country’s main metropolis.

As wide as this campaign’s scope has been, it may have taken some of the intended beneficiaries by surprise. Only 28 STEM projects had been proposed by 27 out of the 33 schools nominated by the Department of Education as deserving beneficiaries. The result: a surplus of P1.5M that will be carried over to the next cycle of the Caltex FYS social investment program.

The first Philippine campaign was also the first time that Chevron used social media to get the public involved. With a pragmatic eye on the possibility that not all potential beneficiaries may be funded—if funds raised during the designated month did not reach P5M, for example—Chevron had adopted mechanisms on social media by which people could vote for particular projects.

During the campaign, people visited their Facebook page at to like, and thereby vote for, the projects they think should be bumped up in the queue. By June 15, people had already sent in 56,849 vote/likes on the 28 STEM projects, adding 36,149 more during the fund-raising month until July 15.

At the end of the campaign, the Caloocan National Science and Technology High School, despite having the smallest student population, gained the top spot by garnering the most number of vote/likes for their initiative to acquire 30 mobile tablets for interactive test-taking. The school’s teacher and project proponent, Fel Rose Ignacio, explains that they got the numbers by active promotion among their students, their families, and their friends, asking them to like their project on Caltex’s Facebook page. Ignacio says that they worked also to promote the campaign’s general fund-raising efforts, spreading the word among parent and school-bus motorists about how purchasing fuel from Caltex could redound to the school’s benefit. Raissa Bautista, Chevron’s manager for policy, government and public affairs, says that the pioneering social media aspect alone is already worth passing on in a best-practices memo to the petroleum giant’s global headquarters.

At the culminating event last Wednesday when the campaign results were announced and the beneficiary STEM projects identified, DepEd NCR Regional Director Luz Almeda expressed the department’s appreciation for the charitable efforts of Chevron and the AmChaF, admitting that they can’t provide as much without such help from the private sector. Almeda said that the department’s financial priorities are still squarely focused on meeting teachers’ payrolls.

Below is Chevron’s official listing of the 28 beneficiary STEM projects in the order of their Facebook vote/likes ranking. Many of the projects are for acquiring specialized equipment (like an autoclave sterilizer, a human reproductive system anatomical model, and volt-meters), but some are for items as basic as tables and chairs.   More than anything else, the list of what schools would otherwise have to do without are clear indicators of how much of a difference Chevron is making and why other schools in future should jump at the opportunity to avail of such assistance. There will be a second cycle to the Caltex FYS campaign, already seeded with a P1.5M funds surplus from a first cycle that not all intended schools had participated in. It’s now on the public school system to make sure that more project proposals be submitted the second time around.

Facebook rank**


High School and Project

Project description



Caloocan Caloocan National Science and Technology High School

Digital Math-ters

Visual and auditory learning will be seen using the tablets that the students will use. With the tablets, they can have different applications wherein these will give them several exercises to have mastery in their mathematics lessons. 30 mobile tablet units


Quezon City Culiat High School


This project aims to provide hands on experiences and involves the use of the five learning cycle. It will Engage students to learn by Exploration and let them Explain observations and outputs to Evaluate their learning competencies and let them Extend by applying what they have learned (5E’s) Laboratory glassware, human reproductive system model, AVP set


Pasay Pasay City East High School

InterScieTivity on the Go

Concept without application is vague. With the help of internet based activities, we can use varied interactive task which enhance different concepts learned through Student-Teacher learning process. So we make up this project called ‘’InterScieTivity on the go, which means Internet Science Activity 7 computer units, Internet wifi router


Manila Florentino Torres High School

Amazing Science Class

The aim of the project is to motivate the students attend their class regularly. Because students interest to learning is very essential to effective teaching. This can be done by preparing more interesting activities for the students with the aid of the Audio-Visual equipment. AVP set, laptop


Las Piñas City Las Piñas East National High School

Xplore EAST

Xplore EAST(E-learning Aids for S&T) integrates the use of electronic devices such as tablets in teaching-learning process. These serve as interactive tools that can be used to impart knowledge and to enhance the skills of the students through educational applications and online learning sites. 35 mobile tablet units, speakers


Parañaque Parañaque National High School Main

InternetBased Instruction

Virtual/Visual/Simulated instructions aid our lessons to gain more understanding of the lesson. It enhances their abilities to see and explain the science behind their activities. AVP set, 2-year Internet connection


Parañaque Dr. Arcadio Santos National HS

Science Interactive Learning

This multimedia project could bring a great impact on the students’ holistic learning. The primary aim is for them to have a concrete idea or representation about scientific lessons which are completely abstract to them. This can be done by augmenting the visual learning of the students through simulations and other computer apps using the multimedia. Furthermore, students, can work audio-visual science projects which can help them develop their initiative and independence towards learning. The K-12 curriculum is still quite new so the Multimedia can help the teachers as well as the students adjust to the evolution and demands it requires. AVP set, 6 computer units


Makati Pitogo High School

21st Century Learners

Learners of the 21st century needs educators to-envision the role of technology in the classroom. Students will learn more with tech-infused learning environment for they are visual, highly relational and demand quick to knowledge. They are capable of engaging in learning at new level. AVP set


Makati Pitogo High School


This year, the STEM curriculum in our school will have its full implementation of research subjects from Grade 7 up to Grade 10 STEM .As a Biotechnology teacher and soon to be a Research teacher, it is necessary for my students to have hands-on laboratory experience like how to culture bacteria. Autoclave sterilizer, extraction apparatus, laboratory glassware


Quezon City Camp Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo High School


CALTech means “Children Learning through Technology”.It is the actual use of multi-media in the classroom particularly in hands-on activities to promote active learning.It also entails students involvement in higher-order thinking skills and emphasizes students exploration on the use of modern tech. AVP set, drawing table, engineering kits, microscopes, scientific calculators


Manila Pres. Sergio Osmeña, Sr. High School

TransforMULab Project

TrasforMuLab,Transformable Multimedia Room and Science Laboratory, is a project that aims to bring to a higher level the students’ability to experiment, increase their interest in exploring more about the concepts discovered and strengthen their 21st Century skills with the aid of modern devices. Laboratory equipment, robotics kit


Manila M. Araullo High School


A well-equipped Research laboratory room where students can experience and have the opportunity to conduct experiments, manipulate apparatus/equipment, discuss and analyze results/findings of their study and have scientific readings or search information/references using the multimedia. Autoclave sterilizer, microscopes, AVP set, laboratory glassware, laboratory refrigerator


San Juan City San Juan National High School

Paperless School Project

The project PSP ensures to increase students’ performance with the aid of modern technology.And as we all know we need to adopt the current situation of our educational system to be globally competitive, but we still need to conserve and protect the environment by limiting the production of paper. 40 mobile tablet units, laptop


Quezon City San Francisco High School


The KIKO’s Students Training And Research (STAR) Laboratory project aims to have a research lab with facilities that will provide opportunities for students and teachers to conduct more investigative projects and researches,and further develop their scientific and research skills. Microscope, laboratory refrigerator, laboratory sink and faucet, centrifuge


Pasig City Rizal High School

Sci-mulation Laboratory

The Sci-mulation laboratory is designed to be a science concept simulation facility that aims to provide quality student learning experience minus the hazards and discomfort that may result from actual laboratory experimentations. 5 computers, AVP set, compound microscope


Manila Cayetano Arellano High School

Interactive Research

Lessons will be planned with the materials available making sure that it will allow greater participation and promote healthy discussion among groups and peers. This can make them connect to reality and encourage developing higher order thinking skills necessary for research outputs and the likes. AVP set, laptop, computer


Marikina Sta. Elena High School


In the K to 12 curriculum, where students must construct their own understanding and knowledge and apply this in real life situation, multimedia equipment is a necessity. 2 Smart TVs, distillation set-up apparatus, AVP set


Pasay City Pasay City South High School

Numerically Yours

Scientific calculators will help increase the students’ interest in Physics. If each Physics teacher would be able to lend a calculator to the class then students will enjoy learning Physics principles which will also develop their skills in engineering as well. 303 scientific calculator units


Manila Claro M. Recto High School


The project is all about converting a simple classroom into a high-tech and interest-boosting Math-equipped center for students who need enhancement but most specially for those who need interventions in Math. It aims to provide the less fortunate students the needed materials in Math. 40 scientific calculator units, photocopy machine, projector


Taguig City Sen. Renato “Compañero” Cayetano Science and Technology High School

CHEMS3 Matters

Most of the students nowadays are visual learners. So, using of videos and simulations are helpful.This project will not only respond to the need of the learners but also let them utilized it by presenting their ideas to their classmates. The project also covers some equipment for our laboratory. AVP set, laboratory scales


Quezon City Balara High School

Hands-on learning on d Go

Teacher plays an important role inside the classroom. The project can use by my students when they are performing their own experiment and science activities using the different apparatuses, audio-visual materials, and equipment present inside the Science Laboratory Room. AVP set, computer, 5 microscopes, laboratory glassware


Manila Carlos P. Garcia High School

Science Learning Made Fun

The 21st century learners are digital learners but our classroom lacks the needed devices to facilitate meaningful learning and inspire students to quest for learning. Educational videos and power point presentations ignite curiosity of students and creativity of teachers in the learning process. AVP set, laptop


Pasay City Pasay City West High School

Science Lab

With the aid of technology/gadgets in teaching, students will have more chance to experience on how to learn rather than what to learn. Computer sets, computer laboratory tables and chairs


Quezon City Ernesto Rondon High School


Learning style of the students is my main concern and it is our advantage as an educator to use the visual learning style of our students. Through the use of multimedia, the students can enhance more the use of technology which very essential in our new curriculum. AVP sets, 2 laptops


Malabon City Malabon National High School

CALTEX Bio-Research Lab

Some facilities for Bio assay, incubator and drying are some of the technology that we don’t have to support the needs of our science research projects. Although, two of our science research projects won last regional science fair, we could have done better if we have facility like Bio-Research Lab. Autoclave sterilizer, 2 analytical balance units, laboratory incubator


Pasay City Kalayaan National High School Gearing Up for SHS Gearing up for SHS through a well-equipped Electrical shop room would be beneficial for the students to adhere with the competencies needed by the learners to be competent at, thus being able to experience hands-on activities in a 2:1 ratio. 40 Volt-ohm-milliammeter units, 18 clamp ammeter units


Navotas City Navotas National High School


ProjectCALTEX@NNHS stands for CreativeActiveLearningtowardsExcellence@ Navotas National HS. The idea is to enhance the learning experience of students and boost their academic achievement by offering 21st century style learning process through CALTEX, thereby making the TL experience more exciting. 7 sets reconfigurable tables and chairs


Quezon City Carlos L. Albert High School

Science Kaagapay Sa Pag-Unlad

The aim of this project is to develop a knowledgeable students with mastery in Math, Science and Tech. by means of visual/multimedia equipment.Experiencing interactive/innovative learning, computerize output such as graphs, data,etc., film-showing related to Science and Tech.,Math ang Engineering. 48” LED TV, projector set, laptop