Once described as having richly-featured though quirky products, particularly after the launch of their esoteric N1 and N3 models with manually and electronically swiveled main cameras, respectively, OPPO seems to be hitting its stride with their more recent, closer to mainstream introductions.  After launching the Mirror 5 and introducing Sarah Geronimo as their brand ambassador in August, OPPO now heralds September with the official roll-out of their R7 series last week, bringing a pair of large-screened models that are focused on the business-end of the market in more ways than one.R7_KV

Let’s face it, there really isn’t much you can do on the aesthetics front, not with Android and iPhone slab-surfaced handsets that could double as coasters.  So OPPO is on the right track with these phones that exude sharp engineering and studied craftsmanship as much by feel as they do by sight.  The series’ highlights center on exceptional camera sub-systems, premium build-quality with structure and sheathing heavy on metal alloy material, and privacy and reliability touches that’d make you think these are intended both for corporate floors and for conflict zones.

Both models feature full-metal constructions that let the aluminum-magnesium alloy bodies double as antennas.  And, with OPPO’s VOOC flash charging available on both models, minutes-worth of charging can keep you on the go for long and heavy hours … hard bodies and long legs on both these phones.

R7_PlusThe R7 Plus, the bigger of the two models, is phablet-sized with a 6″ 1080p screen and has features that make it a credible laptop replacement for the traveling  power-user.  With this large smartphone in my hip or coat pocket, I’d think twice before adding an actual computer to my go-bag.  When cycling through numerous transport arrangements, the benefits of a laptop, with its physical keyboard and other full-sized features, are tangibly diminished by its heft.

At PhP21,990, the R7 Plus could very well cost as much, or even more, than a run-of-the-mill laptop, but you’d actually be paying for the utility of a go-anywhere if somewhat miniature workstation.   And that 4100mAh Li-polymer battery it has is an welcome companion when making the most of quiet and anonymous on-board and in-lounge moments, sparing you from the distraction of having to hunt down an AC outlet.

Specifications: R7 Plus

  • Display: 6.0″ Arc Edge Screen (1920×1080 pixels)
  • Main camera:  Autofocus 13MP RGBW sensor with fast (0.3sec) active laser focusing and dual-LED subject illumination
  • Secondary camera: Fixed-focus 8MP
  • Operating system:  ColorOS 2.1 (based on Android 5.1)
  • Processor:  Qualcom 615 octa-core at 1.5GHz
  • Memory:  3GB RAM
  • Security:  finger-print scanner for validation of critical access and operations
  • Storage:  32GB flash storage, expandable by as much as 128GB with microSD card
  • Power: 4100mAh fixed lithium-polymer battery with VOOC flash charging

R7_LiteNow the smaller R7 Lite with its still-large 5″ 720p screen and its PhP13,990 list price is more of an everyday carry, something that’ll do nicely when workdays tend to keep you away from your more capable though full-sized gear.  There’s the emphasis on imaging assets with camera optics bearing Schneider-Kreuznach’s imprimatur and fast, though passive, phase-detection autofocus (PDAF).  From framing to capture, the fraction of a second turnaround is reported to be fast enough for action shots. And, if you need to output print-quality photos, the R7 Lite has OPPO’s Ultra-HD mode for stitching up and cranking out 50mp images off its raw 13mp sensor suite.

Specifications: R7 Lite

  • Display: 5.0″ HD (720×1080)
  • Main camera:  13MP with fast phase-detection autofocus (PDAF)
  • Secondary camera: Fixed-focus 8MP
  • Operating system:  ColorOS 2.1 (based on Android 5.1)
  • Processor:  Qualcom 615 octa-core at 1.3GHz
  • Memory:  2GB RAM
  • Storage:  16GB flash storage, expandable by as much as 128GB with microSD card
  • Power: 2320mAh fixed lithium-polymer battery with VOOC flash charging





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