We try Isuzu’s off-road challenge with their just-introduced mu-X variant with the bigger 3.0L CRDi VGT turbodiesel.  Delivering peak power and torque of 160hp @ 3200rpm and 280lb-ft @ 1800~2200rpm, the new 2,994cc engine adds 27hp and 44lb-ft to the numbers of the former top-spec 2.5L engine.

The diesel’s not so high top-end reigns back the horsepower equation, but down low where you’d be for off-road crawls, that 280lb-ft of torque is equivalent to the pull of a plus-250hp petrol engine.  Hence the forced upshift into second gear for shallowing up the gear reduction on some of the obstacles–dialing back the torque multiplier for the tires to dig out more traction.