Tata Motors Philippines has rolled out the production variants of their Super Ace light truck with passenger bodies. Prior to this, Super Ace cab and chassis offerings were for cargo vehicles with either a drop side load body or an aluminum cargo van box.

Super-Ace-Big-Boy-sizedNow, Tata adds two passenger van variants with side-seating in the rear, and a school service variant with front-facing seats and a curb-side door. The Super Ace line now includes six variants—a base chassis, two for cargo and three for passengers.  Notably, Super Ace offerings are not limited to these six variants. Tata accepts orders for the light truck chassis fitted out with custom-built rear bodies.

Tata Super Ace Variants SRP
Super Ace cab and chassis Php550,000
Super Ace drop-side cargo flat-bed Php625,000
Super Ace aluminum cargo van box Php632,000
Super Ace “Big Boy” passenger van with single AC Php683,000
Super Ace “Big Boy” passenger van with dual AC Php725,000
Super Ace school service van with dual AC Php834,000

See our review of the pre-production Super Ace “Big Boy” prototype with passenger body that featured a dual AC setup which we reported as blowing amply cooled air through a full-length duct in the rear cabin. We also reported that the small though modern 1.4ltr turbodiesel of the Super Ace stands up well against the larger displacement 2.5ltr conventional diesel of market-leader Mitsubishi’s L300 chassis fitted with passenger bodies.


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