BAIC Philippines is mounting their Christmas Service Campaign for yearend 2015, a free 21-point inspection check for all BAIC vehicle owners at the height of the holiday season from December 18, 2015 to January 17, 2016.  Qualified for the free check up are all vehicles acquired from BAIC Philippines, namely:  MZ40 and MZ45 compact vans; A113 and A115 compact hatchbacks and sedans; and their X424 sport utility vehicle.

BAIC Christmas Service Campaign details

  1. All current BAIC vehicles owners (MZ40/45, A1 series, X424) are eligible to join the Christmas Service Campaign
  2. The campaign will be a free “21 point” inspection check on the customer vehicle.
  3. After the free “21 point” inspection, the Service Advisor will inform the vehicle owner the result of the inspection. Any maintenance concerns will be raised to the owner and appropriate repairs will be suggested by the service advisor.
  4. If any maintenance concern will fall under warranty coverage of the vehicle, appropriate repairs will be done free of charge.
  5. Any maintenance concerns which will not fall under the warranty will be for the vehicle owners’ decision to repair subject to appropriate repair charges.
  6. Promo period is from Dec 18, 2015 to Jan 17, 2016

The 21-point check-up includes:  engine checks (6 items); instruments, lights and tire pressure checks (7); underbody checks (4); airconditioning checks (4); and general computerized diagnostics. If inspection turns up anything, recommendations for addressing maintenance concerns will include work both among and beyond those covered under warranty.

While a major selling point of rival brands is the widespread availability of replacement parts in the event of breakdown, BAIC of China appears to be going all Sun Tzu on us, putting the spotlight on their strengths and not on those of the competition.  BAIC’s 21-point check up is a comprehensive procedure intended to isolate issues before these become likely points of failure, keeping their vehicles as durable as these were engineered to be.  In other words, while the BAIC brand builds presence in the country, they appear to be invested in making sure their vehicles don’t break down in the first place—think of it as the vehicles coming with veritable SLA’s, or service level agreements, like for the high availabilities promised by mission-critical Internet servers.

Aside from earning the brand some major good will in the market, the free 21-point inspection check should go a long way in defending BAIC’s image as a manufacturer of durable vehicles.  Although the stigma suffered by China-made products is really due to shoddy quality in contract-manufactured and cheap consumer products (contexts far removed from those of state-owned carmakers like BAIC that are as much a part of national pride as are flag-carrying airline operators), the Chinese carmaker still has to contend with this in addition to being a newcomer in, surprisingly, one of the most sophisticated automotive markets in the world.  Nevertheless, such dynamic competition is good (compared to the stagnation of oligopolies or monopolies) and manifests itself not only in price-point rivalries but also in how much further new entrants like BAIC are willing to go to ensure customer safety and satisfaction.


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