Manila, 30 June 2016—Caltex has reformulated Techron®, their trademark fuel additive that’s either pre-blended with their unleaded gasoline products, or offered separately as a bottled concentrate.  By 11:59PM midnight on July 1, Caltex filling stations will start pumping fuel featuring Techron reformulated with their new Clean & Glide technology.  While the former Techron formula has detergent qualities proven to be effective in keeping engines cleaner, the new formulation now adds lubricating properties to gasoline.

Caltex-Clean-&-Glide-2The new formula reaches the pumps pre-blended into Caltex Silver 91 RON, and into Caltex Platinum 95 RON which replaces their Gold fuel grade.  Replacing Gold with the new Platinum fuel grade underscores how Caltex now offers 50% more of the new Techron formula in their higher octane 95 RON unleaded gasoline.  For the July 1 midnight roll-out, filling station pumps have already been labelled with the new Platinum brand, with temporary Gold overlay stickers to be peeled off when the transition is completed.

Techron was first introduced 21 years ago in 1995 by Chevron, the multinational behind the Caltex brand of petroleum products and filling stations. By then, Techron had already evolved from its predecessor, Techroline, which they introduced in 1980 as their first deposit-control additive meant specifically for unleaded gasoline. Going  beyond Techroline’s ability to prevent deposit build-ups, Techron and has been shown effective in cleaning out accumulated deposits as well.

Techron’s active ingredient, polyetheramine, is a complex synthetic molecule that acts as a solvent on particulate deposits, loosening these from engine surfaces and dissolving these into the fuel-air mixture that is then burned in the combustion chamber.  And Techron back in 1995 was already ahead of its time, putting Chevron immediately in the running when major carmakers instituted standards for fuel cleanliness, particularly for unleaded gasoline.

Top_Tier_Gas_LogoIn 2004, when BMW, General Motors, Honda and Toyota came together to implement their so-named Top Tier fuel standards, Chevron fuels with Techron was promptly accredited as a Top Tier Detergent Gasoline. Chevron has held onto this distinction until now with the consortium having grown to include Fiat-Chrylser, Volkswagen, Audi and Mercedes-Benz.

With this much history behind their Techron success, Chevron has treated this new reformulation as a major undertaking.  New Techron with Clean & Glide technology is being rolled out only after Chevron conducted 600,000km worth of real-world fleet tests that support their laboratory findings showing how the new formula reduces metal wear by an average of 38 percent, and friction by 41 percent.

While the new Techron’s detergent agents are designed to ignite completely along with the fuel, its lubricating factors are meant to be pervasive, not burning off entirely and accumulating gradually in the engine with successive top-offs—friction reduction could become even more significant with continuous use of these new Techron fuels.  Chevron reports that with laboratory tests simulating this build up of Techron traces in the engine’s lubricant, the new Clean & Glide technology improved fuel efficiency by up to 3 percent when compared to results of the previous Techron formulation.

Peter Morris, country chair of Chevron Philippines, presents the new Techron at its June 28 launch

“The addition of our new Clean & Glide technology™ stays true to the evolving nature of our Techron® fuel offering. Our products are continuously being improved in anticipation of future engine technology and local market needs. For motorists, a quick Caltex stop now delivers gasoline grades that help treat their respective cars right, providing additional benefits without compromise,” says Peter Morris, country chair of Chevron Philippines, Inc. (CPI).


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