Taguig City, Philippines | 27 January 2017—Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) has unveiled the new D-Max LS X-Series, adding limited-edition touches to the popular pick-up’s 4×2 top-spec trim that refine the aerodynamics of the top-scoring 38.46km/l diesel sipper.

At the unveiling, IPC President Hajime Koso with the X-Series D-Max in Cosmic Black
At the January 27 unveiling at BHS Amphitheater, Bonifacio Global City,  IPC President Hajime Koso with the X-Series D-Max in Cosmic Black

“There is no denying that the Isuzu D-MAX is an ideal vehicle for leisure activities and is also a highly capable workhorse. With the arrival of the new D-MAX X-Series, the model now addresses the lifestyle mobility requirement of active and urbane families too. So now, no other pickup truck available in the local market can offer the combination of utility, reliability, versatility and high style that the D-MAX X-Series does,” said IPC President Hajime Koso.

Distinguished by a gunmetal-grey radiator grille with bright red Isuzu badge in the center and limited-issue two-tone 18” wheels, the X-Series D-Max features factory-fitted spoilers in the front, at the sides and atop the leading edge of the cargo deck to make it even more stable and whittle down its aerodynamic drag co-efficient at cruising speeds. A front skirt to scoop away air flowing under the vehicle adds down-force for a touch more control traction. While, on the cargo box, top-edge fairings along the side and up against the crew cab, plus trailing bottom side-skirts, mitigate drag-inducing turbulence.

At the X-Series unveiling at BHS Amphitheater, Bonifacio Global City, on January 27, Isuzu ambassador Derek Ramsay with the limited edition offerings
At the unveiling, Isuzu ambassador Derek Ramsay with X-Series offerings

“Isuzu Philippines sold 3,966 D-MAX units in 2016, with deliveries rising 27.3 percent when compared to the model’s sales result in 2015. This growth, which is in lockstep with the pace of commercial vehicle demand in the country, was fueled largely by the continuous upgrades that the D-MAX has received. The introduction of the new X-Series line is meant to sustain the D-MAX’s upward trajectory,” Koso said.

The enhancements ought to improve fuel-efficiency further on the D-Max which had garnered the top-score, that 38.46km/l rating, at the mass fuel-eco run done by the Department of Energy in May 2016 (with same generation model, 3rd-gen, though before the September facelift, and with the same 3.0L CRDi VGS turbodiesel). Completing the premium kit-out are black leather interior touches featuring red stitching to match the exterior’s red accents, and intricately embroidered X-Series badges on the front-seat seat-backs.

The business end of the X-Series in Splash White with its cargo box fairings and trailing side skirts, and those special-issue two-tone alloy wheels
At the unveiling, the X-Series in Venetian Red
At the unveiling, the X-Series in Venetian Red

“Aside from its already sporty looks, Isuzu collaborated with Under Armour to create a special X-Series collection sports apparel and items which are ideal for those buying this limited edition D-MAX variant. We picked this brand because it embodies the same characteristic of the X-Series which is tough and active” Koso added.

Premium items create another dimension to buying into the X-Series package. Partnering up with a leading sports brand, Isuzu bundles a selection of Under Armour products with an X-Series purchase—buyers can select from among a variety of Under Armour sport shirts, accessories and bags.

X-Series editions are offered for the 4×2 variants of the D-Max top-trim 3.0L LS line-up, adding P100k to the list price and coming out to P1.26M for the MT model and P 1.33M for the AT. Available colors are Splash White, Venetian Red and Cosmic Black.