Suzuki’s Super Carry is just about the most common model exemplifying Japan’s pioneering Kei Truck concept. That’s true at least here in the Philippines where a decade’s absence of brand new units was hardly felt with the continued influx of surplus units from other markets.  Its engineering DNA is clearly Japanese and driving the new Super Carry, reintroduced spanking new by Suzuki Philippines, shows how they got their trademark micro-truck specs exactly right. 

It’s as if they took a good mainstream truck, solid and stubby, measured its essentials, and then scaled these features down faithfully to a fraction of their original mass.  Astonishingly, because of its wheelbase geometry, an actual truck’s well articulated suspension system, and even those stock 155 R13 tires underneath, the Super Carry is as stable on its haunches as are full-fledged workhorses that weigh two or three times as much.

The Super Carry retains large truck equilibrium so well, she’s easily steered even with just the gear reduction of an unpowered steering column.  Quite appropriate since the truck’s scaled down mass means a typical, average-sized driver on a Super Carry would have muscle power like that of a giant’s behind the wheel of a conventionally sized truck.

And now, this impression of being a ten-foot tall trucker on a solid light- or medium-duty truck is finally completed by the Super Carry’s unique diesel engine.  The 793cc two-cylinder turbodiesel, quite remarkable in itself, makes the Super Carry perform the way it should with torque so rich you could launch even without stepping on the gas pedal—just like a serious hauler should.