Tata Motors Philippines is looking to upscale its Super Ace truck chassis into a full-fledged people mover, evolving its local adaptation further along from the FB-type rear body of its Big Boy variant (which we had test-driven even while it was still just a prototype).

Tata’s Super Ace commuter concept with rear and front cabins integrated into a single box by body-building contractor Centro

Tata Super Ace Big Boy with FB-type modular rear body

Body building contractor Centro had just finished on this Super Ace commuter concept unit the day before it was brought in for display at the 2017 Manila International Auto Show. The prototype is configured with four seating rows: the driver’s front row, two front-facing couches in the middle, and a fourth row with two foldaway side-facing benches in back.

Total seating is from 11 to 14, depending on how much elbow room you want to give to each passenger. In any case, an impressive loadout on the Super Ace chassis with a 70PS 1.4L turbodiesel to power it along with its dual-type aircon.


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