Taking Suzuki’s all-new Super Carry DOWN the Tagaytay-Talisay road

With a typical SUV’s seven-passenger loadout, we take the new Super Carry UV variant down dense downhill twisties, underscoring the importance of its rugged undercarriage under heavy load.

Strong/stable front: Steering is light and predictable even when going downhill, braking and then turning. The Super Carry’s signature tension rods shape the wheel mounts into strong tripods, preventing the front wheels from being pushed back in those turns, protecting the intended caster and camber, and stabilizing her on tight curves as well as on fast straightaways.

Adaptive rear: With load compensating suspension and brakes in the rear (features typical on larger truck segments), the Super Carry does a decent job of keeping all four wheels planted under hard braking and vigorous turning.  About 75% of leaf spring tension is online, all the time, with the other 25% implemented with a partial/floating bottom leaf that comes into play only when the mini-truck takes on a heavy load, or when doing some G-pulling turns. Braking is intuitive and predictable with the ventilated discs up front complemented by standard drums in the rear featuring Load Sensing Proportioning Valves (LSPVs)–LSPV maintains braking traction on the rear tires even when there’s little or no cargo to tamp down the back.