The Isuzu D-Max LS 2.5L 4×2 MT, at home in the city

BIG as the D-Max is, the iconic high-riding truck is still at home on city streets.

Rich torque for sprinting and short-shifting: With torque peaking early at 320Nm, this D-Max variant feels good in a sprint but a better use of the early onset push is to go easy on the throttle and trigger those upshifts when you reach 1500rpm.  This’ll make for a brisk shift ladder with an upshift into 2nd at 10km/h, into 3rd at 25, 4th at 40, and finally into 5th at 55km/h.  Be alert for these early shifts and you’ll easily get an impressive 11km/l even in moderate to heavy city traffic.

Tall but also nimble: BIG as she is riding high atop fat tires, the D-Max makes easy work of unpaved patches. And yet, her wheelbase geometry, mindful overhangs and balanced handling also keeps her nimble enough to smoothly navigate crowded city roads and structures.