With the go-anywhere Crosswind XUV (sleek base variant of the sporty kind of Crosswind), we went off the beaten track north of Metro Manila. Instead of the usual drive further up to Baguio we hanged a left onto SCTEX. And, instead of the westward push to Subic Bay, we exited at Dinalupihan to get onto the Gov. Roman provincial highway and headed back south into Bataan.  The two-day visit to Bataan had us roughing it on the beach, camping out at seaside and getting in some cliff-diving at a secluded cove off Bagac, and then taking in the spectacle of Plaza Balanga at night with its storied Cathedral and City Hall completed into a loop by the new but classically themed Plaza Hotel and the Plaza Mall and Galeria Victoria commercial centers. Click on any image below to start you scanning the stuff that await you in historic Bataan.