It’s easy to see where Suzuki Philippines is coming from, now portraying the Ciaz as the road-warrior’s perfect mount, for city-slicker and country-bumpkin alike. The Ciaz’s dimensions bump up against the very edge, pushing that “sub-compact” form and comfort to the max. The early-torquing 1.4L petrol engine can be short-shifted up to reach its fuel saving 4th gear at 40km/h and up to 5th at just 50km/h. And its best-in-class wheelbase keeps things stable in turns and on straightaways while its tall stance lets it float above rough road hazards common in the city as well as in the countryside.

We called it more than a year ago, how the Ciaz is herself a fighter: “If Suzuki’s competitors don’t pay attention, the Ciaz’s pitch could be as frictionless as its aerodynamic body, slipping in and hitting the spots where the competition have left themselves exposed with design, engineering and business choices that are off the mark in today’s complex market.”

Press Statement by Suzuki Philippines, Inc., “Ciaz, Perfect for the Road Warrior,” 2017:

Today’s dynamic work environment demands more than sharp wit. To be at the top of the game, professionals need to be able to squeeze as much as they can in an eight-hour workday. This means scuttling to and from meetings, corporate events and office errands while still having some time for lunch dates and personal obligations.

Determined to help young professionals keep up with their fast-paced lifestyle, pioneer compact car manufacturer Suzuki Philippines has rolled out the Ciaz, a subcompact sedan that delivers fuel efficiency and a smooth driving experience for today’s road warriors.

Driven to deliver

The worsening traffic congestion in Metro Manila is making driving a daily challenge. With more vehicles plying the streets every day and road constructions and floodings added to the equation, getting to one’s destination on time is no mean feat.

The Ciaz, powered by best-in-class fuel efficiency and advanced features, is most suitable for city driving, braving the traffic and moving around cramped areas. With its superior engine performance that does not compromise the environment, millennials will sure look forward to riding this chic sedan!

A joy to drive

Reflecting elegance with a sporty touch, the multi-awarded car model is designed with redefined interiors tailored to today’s younger generation. The Ciaz boasts a roomy comfortable cabin and advanced features, including an integrated multimedia unit with an Android touchscreen. The GLX variant has audio and handsfree connectivity in the steering wheel and keyless push start system.

Available in three variants – the GL Manual Transmission, GL Automatic Transmission and the premium GLX – the Ciaz has grabbed considerable market share since its release in the first quarter of 2016. It won Best in Fuel Rating under the Sedan-Gasoline Category at the Department of Energy’s Euro Fuel Eco Run, Best Subcompact Car for the Car of the Year Awards by the Car Awards Group Inc. (CAGI) and Best in Value for Money at the Auto Focus Media’s Choice Awards under the Compact Sedan category.

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