Manila, 20 July 2017—The Power Probe product line of automotive diagnostic tools was launched at the recently concluded PhilAuto Show held at the SMX Convention Center last week.  The brand comes from Power Probe Tek International Limited (PP Tek), the US company founded in 1993 which takes its name from their flagship product, the Power Probe logic analyzer developed specifically for work on automotive systems.

Starting out as an elegantly easy-to-use tester with colored lights to indicate detection of power sources or grounds, the Power Probe 1 that was first introduced 24 years ago has since been upgraded into later models (now up to Power Probe 4) which feature numerous advanced testing modes that include a mode for verifying the operation of a car’s all-important fuel injector.

At the launch, PP Tek managing director Manny Occiano formally awarded exclusive Philippine distributorship to Cimatech Enterprise as represented by the local firm’s president, Edward Jose.  From the official press statement of Cimatech released today:

Cimatech will be releasing 3 models of the Power Probe to cater to the different levels of diagnostics requirements from the very basic to the more sophisticated.

Power Probe 3 master kit

The Power Probe 3 (PP3) has a multitude of diagnostic features right at your fingertips. With the press of a switch you’ll have an instant hot lead or ground. By utilizing the probe tip and ground lead you can simultaneously power up electrical components. This allows the technician to instantly check   electrical components for continuity as well as identify positive, negative and open circuits without re-polarizing hook-up clips. It can also locate shorts without wasting fuses.

The Power Probe 3S (PP3S) is a digital voltmeter that provides diagnostic power with the flip of a switch. This tool simplifies the testing of fuse boxes, verifies correct operation of motors, lights, relays and wires. This design includes an ergonomic body with a large screen that is capable of flipping 180 degrees for easy viewing in hard to reach places.

Power Probe 4 basic set

The Power Probe 4 (PP4) provides the ability to supply battery ground and power. It also boasts 8 diagnostic testing modes to provide automotive technicians with detailed information on the circuits and signals being tested. The Power Probe 4 can test AC/DC voltage in 100ms and 50s resolution, AC volts RMS & volts P-P, measures resistance, hertz, frequency & pulse width (Negative & Positive), tests fuel injectors, supply computer-safe voltage for testing module drivers (transistors) and works as a circuit detector in tandem with the Power Probe ECT 3000.

Cimatech Ent. Inc. will provide FREE technical support and training for its patrons.

For more information regarding Power Probe contact Marisse Aromin or JP Dela Rosa at (02) 570.8426.