Celebrating their second decade this year, Isuzu Philippines organized the biggest meet-up of the marque’s vehicle owner clubs in the country and showcased their phenomenal success in shaping the mindset of Filipino motorists. Car owners came from all over and assembled a museum on wheels, on many wheels, bringing Isuzu’s very first Hi-Lander which evolved into the Crosswind AUV, their Fuego that passed on the torch to the popular D-Max pick-up, and their much-loved Alterra that was succeeded by the Mu-X SUV. They brought Isuzu’s history recorded in robust rolling stock.

Each and every one a utility model, Isuzu Philippines’ retail  offerings through the years have exclusively been light commercial vehicles–discontinued were the classic Gemini (and affiliated GM Holden) sedans that previous distributorships brought here before Isuzu Philippines took the reins for the brand, and for the country. Now, after twenty years of them pushing hard metal utility vehicles instead of conventional passenger models, it’s the market that’s come around to Isuzu’s way of thinking. Note today’s AUV’s and Asian spun MPV’s, those high-riding and sporty pick-up trucks, and, of course, those commonplace any-road SUV’s.

<Source> Press Statement by Isuzu Philippines, “Isuzu PH successfully holds biggest meet up for customers,” 2017:

Celebrating two decades of success in the business is not easy. The learnings, perseverance, and challenges, are some of the fundamentals on how to achieve sustainable growth in the company.

Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC), recently celebrated two decades of success following the gathering of its biggest event for their recognized Isuzu clubs; Team Isuzu Pilipinas, Team Isuzu Car Enthusiast and mu-X Owners Philippines.

Dubbed as “Isuzu Big Meet,” the event, which was held at Megatent in Libis, Quezon City, was made to promote camaraderie between Isuzu vehicle owners, as well as recording the biggest gathering of Isuzu club members in one place.

Isuzu marketing executives together with the winners of the Isuzu Big Meet show

More than 300 Isuzu owners with their vehicles joined the grand meet, which displayed Isuzu’s current light commercial vehicle line-up, namely the Crosswind AUV, D-MAX pick-up and mu-X SUV, alongside its iconic models like the Hi-Lander, Fuego pick-up and Alterra.

To make event more exciting, IPC held its first car show for stock and modified Isuzu vehicles. Open for all clubs are categories such as Best AUV, Best Pick-up, and Best SUV. Meanwhile for the modified categories, Isuzu clubs competed on Best Engine Set-up, Best Sound/Entertainment System Set-up, and Best 4×4 Vehicle Set-up.

Judged by IPC executives and members of the motoring media, champions emerged from each club; Victor Candelaria (Best AUV), Dr. Roman Remo (Best Pick-up), JT Lerma (Best SUV), Ivan De Castro (Best Engine Set-up), Deni Von Amatorio (Best Sound/Entertainment) and Vic Makimkim (Best 4×4 Set-up). Each of them received cash prize, trophy, and premium Isuzu merchandise; as well as cash prizes and premium merchandise to the first and second runner-up winners.

Moreover, the owners of the Oldest Isuzu Model and the Highest KM Mileage in attendance, were also given recognition and prizes, Oldest Model awards was given to Alex Cabungal for his 1976 Gemini. Chito Villanueva from Team Isuzu Pilipinas took the highest mileage award for recording 998,628 kilometers on his Isuzu Hi-Lander.

Part of the giving thanks to its loyal customers, IPC provided an exclusive 20-percent discount to all event participants applicable to all Isuzu merchandise, parts and accessories displayed during the event.

The afternoon session was filled with fun games like the burger and hotdog eating contest participated by all clubs, and band entertainment by IPC Band, Pub Forties and PUPIL.

IPC President Hajime Koso expressed his elation over the success of the program, saying that the event is a true testament on the reliability and trustworthiness of the brand with Filipinos motorists.

“We are thankful for the trust that you have continually showed us over the course of the years. We value this partnership and rest assured that we will continue to provide utmost quality and topnotch service every time you would seek our service,” Koso said. “Just like car clubs, we want everyone to join hands and be united not just on meets, but also on the road,” he added.