Isuzu launches this year’s D-Max and Mu-X limited editions

After last year’s X- and Black-series limited issue variants for their D-Max pickup and Mu-X SUV, respectively, and their early launch last September of their Blue Power models with up-rated and updated Euro 4 engines, Isuzu keeps up their diesel-driven market-leading momentum with new top-of-the-line limited editions of their popular sport utilities. Last Friday, at events for media and for their dealership network, Isuzu rolled out their big guns anew, introducing the D-Max X-series for 2018,  and their new Mu-X Luxe line.

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Based on the lighter, soft-roading 4×2 top-end LS variants of the D-Max and Mu-X, these new limited issues are clearly meant for up-market urban motorists. This year’s D-Max X-series functions as a dress-up demonstrator, showing how the popular workhorse truck can be slicked up with spoilers, body fairings and exclusively-designed, locally-crafted 18″ black alloy rims with distinct red trim. In contrast, the Mu-X Luxe, as the top variant of their last remaining three-row utility (after the retirement this year of their classic Crosswind AUV line), has been refined further for the role of urban family runabout.

With her exceptionally stable running gear left refreshingly rugged (with none of the softening inflicted on other popular SUVs turned urban people movers), this Mu-X Luxe edition brandishes a stand-out color scheme.  Isuzu Marketing Head Joseph Bautista says that the Mu-X Luxe’s Spinel red marks only the second time that Isuzu global allowed the use of the color that’s traditionally reserved for royalty in the Asian region (the first time was last year, with the D-Max 2017 X-series’ Venetian red).

At the Mu-X Luxe’s cargo carrying business end, the tailgate has been outfitted with a next generation opening/closing servo that’s been hardened against folks who don’t know about this feature. If well-meaning helpers inadvertently try to open/close the tailgate manually, the system goes into neutral, disengaging gears and solenoids which could otherwise be damaged.  A nice, subtle yet robust touch for lightening Dad’s or Mom’s workload on those everyday drives.

<SOURCE> Press Statement by Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC), “SPORTY & LUXURIOUS: Isuzu introduces latest variants of D-MAX and mu-X,” 2018:

Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) recently launched two new limited edition variants to add excitement to the existing line-up of its Isuzu D-MAX and Isuzu mu-X models.

On February 23, IPC displayed the latest edition of the Isuzu D-MAX X-Series which serves as the model’s offering to the younger market segment; alongside is the new mu-X Luxe which as the name suggests is the most well-appointed mu-X variant to date.

“Keeping our line-up fresh is the key to the very demanding market, especially for the pick-up and SUV segment. To keep up with the competition, we are offering two new variants which are designed to exude the more aggressive and luxurious side of the D-MAX and mu-X models,” said IPC President Hajime Koso.

2018 D-MAX X-Series

Dressed to be more edgy, the 2018 edition of the D-Max X-Series now has a black radiator grille with red Isuzu logo, a front and rear skirt lined with a deep red accent which not only adds to its looks but also assist in the vehicles over-all aerodynamics.

More on the exterior, the X-Series also has a color-keyed sleek cargo spoiler, matte black roof rails and red fog lamp garnish. To top off its look, the X-Series now has a black 18-inch alloy wheels with a matching red lip accent.

Inside the cabin, the X-Series has a rocker plate with illuminated red Isuzu logo and additional multiple USB ports for driver and passenger convenience.

New mu-X ‘Luxe’

Meanwhile, the mu-X also sees a new addition to its line-up with the new mu-X ‘Luxe’ which brings together superior features that delivers a statement and status of a premium SUV.

The luxury edition mu-X is equipped with Power Lift Tailgate which opens and closes with a touch of button – for a hassle-free cargo loading. For added styling, light gray fender flares are installed which doubles as a protective feature to deflect rocks and debris away from the vehicle’s body.

Adding to its already premium interior, mu-X Luxe has a new blue illuminated scuff plate and 3D surround sound system to complete the over-all luxurious experience while driving or riding the new mu-X Luxe.

Engine, Color & Pricing

Available only on a 4×2 drivetrain, both the D-MAX X-Series and mu-X Luxe runs on the ever-reliable 4JJ1-TCX 3.0L Blue Power Diesel engine that is EURO 4 complaint and is capable to produce 177 PS maximum power and 380 N-m maximum torque.