GAZ introduces military-grade 4×4 medium truck at MIAS 2018

“The Russian deuce-and-a-half,” spoken in a North-American accent, is how a middle-aged caucasian visitor described the tall GAZ SK 3308 being exhibited at MIAS. With the nickname, he was referring to the US armed forces’ own iconic 2.5 ton payload all-terrain troop and cargo carrier.

As promised during the brand’s launch of their GAZelle Next oversized van platform last month, and bowing to the brand’s global reputation for rugged all-terrain military vehicles, top Russian automaker GAZ now introduces their iconic 3308 at the ongoing Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) being held at the World Trade Center (WTC) until Sunday, April 8.

First established almost nine decades ago, GAZ (which stands for Gorkovsky Avtomobilny Zavod or the Gorky Automobile Plant, translated into English) started out as the Russian communist government’s cooperative effort with the Ford Motor Company in 1929.

The 3308 does indeed have the telltales of a spartan and immensely capable military truck. The 4×4 undercarriage with leaf-sprung drive axles front and back is built rugged to the point of making the vehicle take up 63 percent of its 6350kg gross and maximum loaded weight (yielding a 2360kg payload at a 37 percent load factor for people and cargo).

That “deuce-and-a-half” nickname might as well refer to its price with the SK 3308 reportedly being introduced here at a surprising P2.5M.

And, all that mass rides on 12.00R18 balloon tires that are outfitted with on-the-fly tire pressure regulators that enable the driver to adjust the tires’ contact footprints–softer pressure for larger footprints on rough/slippery surfaces, harder pressure for smaller footprints on smooth pavement.

<SOURCE> Press Statement by Gazelle Motors Corp., “All-wheel-drive GAZ SK 3308 4×4 Truck to track its course in Manila through Gazelle Motors Corporation,” 2018:

MANILA, Philippines–The GAZ SK 3308 4×4 Truck – GAZ Group’s all-wheel-drive medium truck – is expected to begin tracking its course in the Philippines’ automotive industry.

Unveiled at the 2018 Manila International Auto Show, the GAZ SK 3308 4×4 Truck runs on a 134-horsepower and 4.43-liter turbocharged YaMZ-534 diesel engine and coupled to a 5-speed manual transmission – is considered to be one of the most powerful trucks in its class.

The GAZ SK 3308 4×4 Truck is also equipped with power steering, a comfortable two-seat cabin, easy-to-reach controls, a tire pressure control system and mechanically driven winch. The GAZ SK 3308 4×4 Truck vehicle chassis are widely used to place various special add-ons for a wide range of activities.

Given its engine’s power, the GAZ SK 3308 4×4 Truck could loads of up to 2 tons and boasts of its rich history of transporting both military personnel and equipment in Russia and its 4×4 configuration helps enable the GAZ SK 3308 4×4 Truck to carry goods and people regardless of the terrain.

“Known for its all-terrain qualities in Russia makes the GAZ SK 3308 4×4 Truck ideal to be used in the country particularly by either government agencies or private socio-civic organizations in bringing relief to Filipinos affected by natural disasters,” Dr. Fernando L. Martinez, Gazelle Motors Chairman and Chief Executive, said.

He added, “Road conditions do not matter to the powerful truck. The GAZ SK 3308 4×4 Truck could run on paved roads, asphalt, dirt, off roads and could even cross river streams, if and when needed.”

The GAZ SK 3308 4×4 Truck is popular among the armed forces of many countries, and resource and geology companies that operate in deserts, jungle and mountainous areas, to say nothing of forest and countryside regions.

Gazelle Motors Corporation was incorporated after the cooperation agreement was signed between GAZ Group and Eastern Petroleum in September last year. The partnership between Eastern Petroleum Group of Companies and Gaz Group of Russia was initiated during President Rodrigo R. Duterte’s visit to Moscow, Russia in May last year.

Based on the cooperation agreement, Eastern Petroleum Group of Companies has the exclusive right to distribute and conduct after-sales services of GAZ Group Light Commercial Vehicles Llc.’s light commercial, medium and heavy-duty vehicles in the Philippines.