Quick note: next-generation Swift reasserts the classic hatchback’s sporty roots

The next generation Swift hatchback introduced just last Wednesday by Suzuki Philippines is sleeker, is sensuously curvaceous where its predecessor was clinically angular and faceted, and boasts of a lower center of gravity plus a wider, more planted stance for not only tackling but actually enjoying those hard turns.

The Swift’s K12M gasoline engine with VVT valvetrain delivering peaks of 82hp @ 6000rpm and 113Nm @ 4400rpm

This new, 3rd-generation Swift leverages a more svelte, stronger yet lighter body into an earnest return to her sporty roots. This, despite sticking to the efficient 1.2L VVT gasoline burner that it had first deigned to mount back in 2014.  In fact, with the vehicle’s curb weight that’s now 100kg lighter, the new Swift’s 1.2L K12M is commensurately tuned down from the 2nd-generation’s peak power of 87hp @ 6000rpm to this 3rd -generation hatchback’s 82hp @ 6000rpm.

Clearly, the new Swift has improvements that are subtle in more ways than one, with looks and engineering coming together for an eclectic mix of efficiency and aggressiveness.  Stay tuned for our full feature on the newly introduced Swift hatchback as well as its Dzire sedan offshoot.